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Fridays and Saturdays
8am - 3pm

How to get here

Find all the information you need on how to get to Haverhill Market


Nearest bus station is, Haverhill Bus Station, Foursquare, Brook Service Road, CB9 8D5.
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To get to us by rail the nearest station is Bury St Edmunds or Cambridge station.
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A number of long and short stay car parks are available. The nearest car park is Lower Downs Slade.
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Market history

The strategic positioning of Haverhill by the Stour, and near the main crossing point at Wixoe, would have made Haverhill an important gathering place for traders and merchants of all kinds in days gone by. All manner of produce, would have been traded, from livestock to feed and cloth.

The market town of Haverhill hosts still hosts stalls on Market Square on Friday and the High Street on Saturdays. here you can find a selection of excellent fresh produce, general household items, pet food, clothing and jewellery.

Many things may have changed but the warmth of the welcome and the diversity of the products sold remains the same.


Trade here

Haverhill market Fruit and Veg stall

Recently Haverhill market has had several new traders all of them start-up businesses and is making a name for itself as a entrepenerial town.

“I always find the stallholders at Haverhill market some of the friendliest around.”