About our markets

West Suffolk has a rich tradition in markets, a legacy from medieval times.

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West Suffolk is made up of a series of market towns, from the hustle and bustle of the twice weekly market in historic Bury St Edmunds, to the monthly market in the picturesque town of Clare. In Mildenhall there's been a market since 1412 or you could gallop along to Newmarket and the stalls in the High Street as well as visit the traditional market square of Brandon.

Our markets and market places play host to a whole range of events throughout the year including Makers markets, sustainable markets and family fun days.

Although our towns and markets vary in size and style, you are always guaranteed a warm West Suffolk welcome from them all.

West Suffolk Council runs and manages the markets as part of our support for business and our communities as well as making sure that our area remains vibrant and thriving economically.


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Visitors to West Suffolk are sure to seek out the local markets. Most of our towns have weekly markets and some have smaller monthly markets. Whichever it is the colourful bustling stall are always a great attraction and offer some of the best shopping around.

Spend a great day out in one of the many markets in the area and you will find value for money, quality produce, tasty street food and a range of local delicacies.

Our markets are:

  • Brandon - Thursday 
  • Bury St Edmunds - Wednesday and Saturday
  • Clare - third Saturday of every month
  • Haverhill - Friday and Saturday
  • Mildenhall - Friday
  • Newmarket - Tuesday and Saturday